Vortex VTX400P-A 220 CFM 4" Dryer Booster Fan with Vari-Speed Controller

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Manufactured in Canada, the Vortex 220 CFM VTX400P inline blower, for 4 in. diameter duct and has a built-in automatic pressure switch that detects when air is flowing through the ventilation duct.  It will automatically turn on and off the Vortex VTX400P inline blower as required. In a clothing dryer application, when the dryer goes on, the VTX400P will automatically turn on and will stay on until shortly after the dryer goes off. This will allow the dryer to perform better and more efficiently. Both, drying time and power consumption are therefore reduced. This dryer exhaust kit also comes with a Vari-Speed speed control.


Vari-Speed design features:

  • The KBWC-15K is a Solid-State AC Motor Speed Fan Control.
  • It is designed for mounting in a 2" X 4" electrical wall box.
  • It operates from 115 Volts, 50/60 Hz, and has a maximum rating of 5.0 Amps @ 104°F (40°C).
  • The variable-speed motor control contains an On/Off line switch and a high gain RFI noise suppression filter.
  • Applications include range hoods, vibrators, humidifiers, fireplace blowers, fans, laminar flow hoods, heat tunnel sand stirrers.